Thursday, June 12, 2008 #

Got Any Vacancys?

Hope Davis recently signed on to co-star in the Rachel Leigh Cook thriller "The Lodger." It's a remake of an Alfred Hitchcock classic and also stars Alfred Molina. The film will be released later in the year.

If it's about a hotel room, may I suggest having the murderous lodger be a giant bed bug? This is 2008 America after all. Da dum dum.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 #

Want Hope's Hot Hair?

This is for all of you budding starlets(and transsexuals) out there. Our sister site,, recently produced a tutorial on how to get Hope's lovely golden locks.

I think I might look good like that. I'm going to check it out. Don't forget to scrunch your hair for extra volume! Whatever that means. Here is the link. Get cracking stylists!

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Monday, April 28, 2008 #

Hope does People

No that wasn't a reference to an orgy. Creeps.

Hope recently gave an interview to the esteemed "People Magazine" in which she discussed her child-rearing techniques and how much fun it was playing an evil society mom in the recently released "Charlie Bartlett." The interview is short, but what do you expect? It's People, not Dostoyevsky. Here is a link:

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 #

For all of you lovers of Hope's succulent voice

The audio version of Patricia Reilly Giff's "Pictures of Hollis Woods" is read by Hope Davis! Imagine it. Hours and hours of Hope's lilting voice lulling you to sleep, making you believe in a better today, a better tomorrow. And that's just the introduction! Treat yourself and pick it up at Amazon or, heaven forbid, at an actual store.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007 #

For all of you dollar theater junkies out there

Hope's last cinematic foray came and went. "Charlie Bartlett" is currently ensconced at dollar theaters all around the country. Yes I'm trying to use as many big words as possible. If Hope ever sees this site I want her to think I'm smart so we can go on a picnic and a wine tasting date. Oh crap, speaking of, I have to renew my copy of "Italian Wine for Dummies" at the library. Hey. At least I'm trying.

Speaking of trying, "Charlie Bartlett" was not a perfect film but it was definitely endearing and more than worth your buck or two. Here is the trailer:

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Monday, August 20, 2007 #

Lets all go to the movies

Have you seen the preview for "The Nines" yet? Hope is in it and it seems really cool. Here is the official description because I really wouldn't be able to do it justice:

"The Nines consists of three short films, each featuring the same actors in different — and sometimes overlapping — roles.

“The Prisoner” tells the story of a troubled television star (Ryan Reynolds) who finds himself under house arrest, with his chipper publicist (Melissa McCarthy) and disillusioned next-door neighbor (Hope Davis) providing his only links to the outside world. Mysterious events lead him to question whether one or both women are deceiving him about the nature of his incarceration.

“Reality Television” is a half-hour episode of “Behind the Screen,” a Project Greenlight-style documentary series tracking the process of creating a network television drama. Having shot the pilot, creator/ showrunner Gavin Taylor (also Ryan Reynolds) faces post-production with the help of his best friend (and lead actress) Melissa McCarthy and development VP Susan Howard (Hope Davis).

“Knowing” finds an acclaimed videogame designer (also Ryan Reynolds) and his wife (Melissa McCarthy) facing car trouble deep in the woods. Their daughter (Elle Fanning) uncovers information which leads to a difficult and irrevocable choice.

Together, the three stories form a single narrative that explores the relationships between author and character, actor and role, creator and creation. Alternately funny and unsettling, The Nines is like a riddle where the answer is the question: “How does it all add up?”"

Here is the trailer: No official release date has been set yet. There is also an odd ARG(Alternate Reality Game) that is affiliated with the game. It features a series of puzzles spread around the internet that I can't make heads or tales out of. Like this one:

Umm. Yeah. Let me know if you figure it out though.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007 #

Episode IV: A New role for Hope

Hope Davis recently signed on to appear in the new Charlie Kaufman epic. This time sir brainbender himself will be handling both writing and directorial duties. The film is called "Synecdoche, New York" and I'm pretty sure that the title is a pun combining Schenectady and something that I am too stupid to know about. Also, it just took me ten minutes of intensive internet surfing to even get the correct spelling of that city. Jesus. I gotta lay off the rice cakes.

The rest of the cast reads like a whos who of Oscar lusters: Samantha Morton, Tilda Swinton, Catherine Keener, Michelle Williams and, oh yeah, Angelina Jolie. I guess that means Tomb Raider 3 is on the backburner then? Crap.

The film is lensing now so look for it early next year. And don't bother. I did your homework for you:

There will be a quiz.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007 #

Hope Davis & Anthony Hopkins

Hope Davis and Sir Anthony Hopkins were spotted doing some promo work for their movie 'Hearts in Atlantis' view the pic below!

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Hope & Sigourney Dish the Dirt!

Hope David and Sigourney Weaver dish the dirt on diva's whilst discussing their movie 'Infamous' that they starred in together.
Watch the video on youtube here:-

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